Paul and Greco-Roman Letter Writing

Something that I learned from this lesson is that all the letters have similar writing styles to the other. They all start the same way, letting everyone know the purpose of each letter and giving thanks and credit to God for the purpose he was given. He will bless those to who he is writing and will end them all in similar ways as well. In “Paul the Letter Writer,” it says that Paul had three end goals with every letter that he wrote. One was to be someone familiar to those who read his letters. Second was increasing moral cohesions and third was to promote Christ followers to develop their morals further. “Paul” wrote to his followers in a friendly manner. Paul was constantly traveling, so Paul wrote to different communities with longing to see them again, he wrote to them as if he were writing to an old friend. Romans 16:22 is spoken from the perspective of the actual scribe that wrote all the letters for Paul. From a previous RELS course I found out that did not actually write his letters. All his letters were written with the perspective of him, but Paul had a scribe to do all of that for him.


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