What I know about Paul…

From going to church all my life, I have learned a bit about Paul, but not anything really substantial, like I wish I knew. I know that Paul wrote a lot of the books that are in the New Testament, like Acts, the Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, and there’s more but I do not know all by memory. I hoped I knew more about him because he is a significant figure in the Bible and have always had in interest in knowing more about him. Learning from what they say at church is not really anything I could actually use. Reading the Bible is also something I have tried, but studying it in depth is overwhelming and I end up doing and learning nothing.

As far as questions are concerned, I kind of would just want to know an overview about what Paul wrote about and his life. The thing I am most interested in is probably the timeline. What I find most fascinating is the reason why certain things are written. Back then, words had different meaning than they do now. We interpret certain phrases to our ways of living now. But back then, they were seen differently, and therefore hold different meanings and we can understand why certain things were seen as blasphemy or offensive. I hope to be an analytical learner, but also be a learner who strives to be understanding of others opinions.


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