What was Paul’s Scriptural Context?

The preface re-read was kind of eye opening. It is how everyone is with their actions. We always want to believe we are “on time” and doing the best, with the best intentions. Paul had this same mentality, that what he was doing was good and that he had a clock to beat, or else he would be too late or would not have fulfilled his purpose that came from God.

With reading both the Introduction and the book note, I think I became overwhelmed with everything I had been reading, I forgot what Paul was trying to do. Paul’s whole thing was being a Jew, but a different kind of Jew, in a way. He continued to keep the same practices that Jews have, but he went out and preached to those who were “outside the temple,” one can say. Those who are outside the temple were not allowed to have access to God, but Paul decided that everyone must have that opportunity, just as he, a Jew, has. This is something that is obvious, but I believe that I overlooked this important part of Paul. He was someone who tried his best to do what he believed God sent him to do with the time he had left.


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